Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My Day

Just for the heck of it I thought I would share with you all my crazy typical day kind of schedule. You will get a sense of how crazy my life really is! (but, oh how I love it!!!)

6 am Rise and do a work out video in the living room.

At 6:50 as I am nearing the end of my workout the coffee maker is programmed to start.
By 7 am I am in the shower. Get dressed, blow dry hair and put on deodorant...that is the extent of my beauty regiment.

7:20am Get my 2 year old up and head down, change his diaper and then prepare coffee for my husband and me.

7:30am Sit and enjoy some adult time over a coffee (or two some days) with my husband. The children will be up and join us at some point during this 1/2 hour.

8am Prepare, serve, eat breakfast then clean up the kitchen. Have the older children start their chores while I nurse the baby and change her diaper. If I have any Day Care children coming they would arrive about this time also. This really is the craziest time of my day.

By then it is somewhere between 8:30- 9am....I get laundry started and hung out, beds made, meat out for supper and try to settle the 2 year old in for a movie while I get everyone else set up for school at the kitchen table.
School time lasts for about 2 and half to three hours with the odd interruption that may set us back a bit. While seat work is happening I usually sneak in a load of laundry, dust somewhere, mix up some bread or muffins for later that day, read a story/circle time with my 2 year old and Day Care children and start lunch prep. (Nurse the baby on demand)

Lunch and clean up happens between 12 and 1pm. Also at that time I run errands and grab any groceries that we need.

At 1pm is the precious QUIET TIME that I treasure SO much!!! and it lasts until 3pm.

Then it is snack time for the children and workout time for hubby and myself (this is when I go outside for a walk/run). I will take the children outside on nice days while my hubby works out.

Supper prep starts around 4:30pm along with some general cleaning/tiding, taking laundry off the line, vacuuming and sweeping....that kind of stuff.

5:30pm We eat and clean up the kitchen again. Bathe the children (each child doesn't get a bath everyday but rather on a rotating schedule). We try and get outside after supper especially during the nice weather until about 7-7:30pm.

7-7:30pm We start the bedtime routine...brushing teeth, p.j.'s, read a book together or watch America's Funniest Home Video depending on the business of the day and my energy.

8pm All the children upstairs to their rooms. They don't go to sleep then except the 2 year old but it is time to read or colour in their beds until their specified times.

8ish Is my time to do what ever I t.v., read, sleep....whatever but before I go to bed I get the coffee ready for morning and set out my workout clothes and put the DVD/VHS in the machine for morning. So I am ready to do it all over again the next day!!

The quote from Jon & Kate plus 8 I love...."It may be a crazy life but it is our life."


  1. Wow! I admire you so much Christine for all you do for and with your kids! I hope that one day I can me the kind of mom you are! I know I have it in me to spend all day tending to the needs of my family but that in addition to home schooling them. I don't have words to say how much you inspire me! I hope I can be half the mom you are.

  2. I got exhausted reading that! Kudos to you! I nanny 2 children, have 2 of my own and teach 2 days a week as well.

  3. Christine, Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your life sounds hectic, but fulfilling! Wonderful!

    I looked at your stats. Great job on the weight loss! Keep it up. We will be healthier moms!!

  4. Busy but wonderful, huh?! :) Thanks so much for stopping by my weight loss blog! We are so close in our journey! YAY! Excited to follow your blog!

    Blessings, Christine!