Monday, March 29, 2010


Today I received in the mail my new DVD workout....Biggest Loser Boot Camp!
That Bob guy can kick my butt just as good as Jillian. I am feeling it in my gluts.

I got in a morning elliptical workout too!

I love working out as of late!!!! I never would have said that 3 months ago!!!

I started reading The Maker's Diet book last night by Jordan S. Rubin. This man sure had a rough go in his earlier years. Interesting theory he has too....I eat similar to what he suggests without the 'drinks' and aromatherapy stuff. I will comment more on it as I get into the book more.

Off to get the nightly routine done with children. Sweet dreams everyone!!


  1. I love Bob. I think he's just as tough as Jillian, but a whole lot nicer...

  2. I also love Bob. One thing he said on BL has always stuck with me "No one ever got fat off of eating vegtables...load up!" That struck a chord for me for some reason.

  3. I have that dvd! I like him better than Jillian!

  4. Interested to hear what you think of the book. You're owning your workouts, Dude! Booya!

  5. Hey Christine...

    Here is the link to my new spot...


  6. That is awesome, Christine! A bunch of moms in my township decided to have a "boot camp" of our own. We meet up and work our butts off together, while the kids play in the park!