Sunday, March 28, 2010

Week Thirteen

While after an emotional week I am happy to report a loss of 2lbs.
That brings me to 180.8lb today.

I am now over half way to my goal for November 7th (my baby's 1st birthday) of 54lbs.

I tried out the elliptical trainer yesterday and it kicked my butt.....and it felt great. I had a good sweat on and my legs were jittery by the end. I did an interval training workout that was for 26 minutes long and the machine said I burnt over 400 calories....I hope that is accurate!

Off to get ready for church....blessings to you all today!


  1. Half way there...fantastic! Have a great Sunday Christine!

  2. Great loss this week! and on getting more than halfway :)

  3. WooT! You go Christine! I can just feel the satisfaction wafting off the screen from your words. Congrats.

    Hope church went well!

  4. are so close to the 170's...that is FABULOUS!!! I knoW for me thinking that I am leaving a weight bracket and entering a smaller one is SOOOO MOTIVATING!

  5. Great job on the halfway mark! And great job on your recent 5K run!