Saturday, December 18, 2010

Tis the Season

I am just as busy as the rest of the world right now but I wanted to share that my eating has been healthy this week with the exception of a couple of indulgences while I was away but nothing over board or anything!!!

When I was at my friends I heard a Natural Path Doctor talking on a radio program about yeast infections and how to treat them. I have been battling a yeast infection of the skin for months now so this was very interesting to me! I always try to treat any medical condition in the most natural form possible but I have not been with this condition, I have been using anti-fungal creams ....So his treatment includes Probiotic, Oil of Oregano and NO SUGAR!!!!

So today is day 2 of no sugar for me....I don't eat a lot but what I did still have in my diet has been removed for the time being and Probiotic...I can't take the Oil of Oregano because I am still nursing...hopefully the other two do the job!!!!

My weigh in is tomorrow and I know the scale is going to be far down, time will tell!


  1. I hope the no sugar goes well. I think I'd have a really hard time with that!!

  2. That's really cool. It does make sense though b/c people with diabetes tend to have a lot of yeast infections so sugar would be a contributing factor. I've heard stress is a big factor too. I wish you luck in the no sugar thing. I've cut out most of the sugar from my diet and it's not as bad as I thought it would be b/c I did it slowly.

  3. How far down was it??? So exciting...

  4. I hear the no sugar thing works well. I have also heard that plain yogurt(no sugar flavoring) on the skin works. I am not a dr but check into it.

  5. I'm curious to hear how this works for you. My daughter has had something similar going on and so far nothing is working.

    It's good to hear you're doing so well. I'm looking forward to your weigh in!!!