Monday, December 27, 2010

Boxing Day Weigh In & Goals

My weigh in yesterday had me maintaining 148.5lbs.....that is awesome considering other years over the holidays would have meant a BIG gain!!!!

The recap on my goals from this past week.....
  • To continue to eat NO SUGAR!!!! (this is for health reason and not really my choice!).......Sort of did this....I did not eat sugar except for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.
  • To not have a gain on the scale next week!.....YES!!!! No gain this week.
  • To make healthy choices in my food intake and serving size....even though Christmas holidays only come once a year I want to enjoy them by not overeating and then having to deal with the emotional roller coaster that follows that indulgence!....YES!!! I am overjoyed at my decisions this past week!
  • Exercise 4 days this week!....YES!!! Did some weight training and some cardio. I actually started a weight training program from Tosca Reno's book Best Body Now.

Today is my one year anniversary from the start of this weigh loss journey.....
I have gained loads of energy.
I have lost a total of 60.5lbs.
Lost a total of 6" off my waist, 10.5" off my waist, 7.5" off my hips, 5" off my upper legs, 1.5" off my lower legs, .75" off my ankle, 1.75" off my neck and 3" off my upper arm...that is a grand total of 30" less of ME!

I am rejoicing today for my new life!!!!!


  1. Total Sweetness Christine!!! Way to go for sticking to your sugar, that is awesome!

    And losing 60 lbs and gaining all that energy must feel fantastic! That is no small thing, ya know. You can def. do anything you set your mind to, girl!! I think you are awesome and very inspiring.

    Happy New Year! Let's rock 2011!


  2. Happy WL Anniversary! Praise God on the accomplishments!!!

  3. You are amazing and at my goal weight! I'm excited to see how you like Tosca's exercise book.

    Praise God for new life...He was born that we may have life!


  4. Amazing job Christine! Congratulations and keep it going :)

  5. Congrats on how AMAZING you look and how you're doing, Hun! :)))))))))))) Here's to 2011.

  6. Happy one year Anniversary walking in freedom and healthy, Christine!! Weeeee hooooo!!! Happy Dancing with you!! HUGS

  7. Happy One Year Anniversary!!! Keep rocking it !!! Here's to 2011 ! :)