Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Christmas to Remember

I love that this Christmas was different!

I was able to enjoy celebration meals on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day without over eating! No guilt, self loathing or regrets either!!!

I will admit that on Christmas Eve I did eat a couple more sweets than my body really needed or even wanted but still I was not in pain and feeling nauseous like most every Christmas that I can remember from the past....because of the couple extra sweets on Christmas Eve I went into tonight's dinner with a plan.

My plan was to eat a good serving of main course, then to enjoy a piece of ice cream cake that my mom makes at Christmas only.
I wanted to avoid the candies, cookies and squares that were going to be out all the time.....
What did I do???.....I had sweet potatoes (mashed), turkey, ham, boiled carrots, corn, lots of salad (no dressing on the salad) and about 1/4 cup stuffing.....then a piece of the ice cream cake....and a nibble of my sons peanut butter ball!!!

No gravy, white potatoes, buns/bread or seconds for this lady!!!!
And the best part is, I was SATISFIED!
Hmmm, Who knew?!?!?!

I call this a success!!!!

It is back to NO SUGAR again in the morning though!

Up until yesterday it had been 8 days without sugar and I felt back at it again!!

I also started weight training more intensely at the beginning of the week...WOW!!!
I am loving the feeling of that kind of workout, it is so different than cardio workouts.

I have enjoyed a ice skating and great outside walk this week too though. Nothing beats getting outside in the cold air to clear my head at the end of the day!


  1. Awesome Christine! Way to have a plan and keep it in control. Good for you!! Merry Christmas! ;)

  2. good job Christine!!!!
    smiling big for you right now!
    huge huge huge
    pat yourself on the back and give yourself a BIG hug
    Blessings for the New Year

    love and light

  3. Woo woo!!! That is a fantastic day, lovie!! Your enthusiasm is absolutely contagious!! Way to go!

    High fivin' ya mommas!

  4. I love that you always have a plan!!! You motivate me. Thanks!