Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Total Vent

Well I am going to sit here and vent! "Its my blog and I can if I want to, can if I want to, can if I want to." (Hum while you read!)

I feel like a loser today because I have allowed the fact that I am going to start a 2 week challenge tomorrow to eat healthy and stay on points ruin my strength to eat well today!

Why??? What makes me sabotage myself in this way??? Why does food have such control???
I want to do what I know is good for my health. I lost my father to heart disease at the young age of 50. I am only 15 years from that now. I want to see my children grow up, marry, explore and have children and if I don't continue this journey to health than I will miss these milestones.
In the more short term my husband and I are considering having another baby (getting pregnant in the summer) and I know I can't start a pregnancy without having lost a good amount of weight and got into a good routine for exercise. Motivation? Should be!

So what will it take???That I haven't come to fully understand yet but will continue to look at.
Tomorrow the challenge starts and I will succeed in this for the next 14 days!

For the remainder of the day I will focus on the positive and use the support I have to work through these thoughts and ideas.


  1. Maybe it's because you fear you will be deprived during your challenge? I dunno. Our minds fear weird things sometimes. Maybe once it learns that eating healthy is yummy that will stop.

    I'm sure you will be successful. I'll be rooting for ya.

  2. I'm with Antgirl on this one. At least for me, when I start to think that I will be or am deprived, I immediately get off-plan.

    You can do it! You will find your success trigger.

  3. Thanks for your comments on my blog. I'm glad you have found me, because now I have found you too - lol.
    I also wish I knew the cause of my self-sabotage for so many years. I feel that the answer to that question would definitely help me on this journey.
    Another baby - that is definite motivation to lose. I wish I could have more, but I had complications with my second pregnancy so I am not able to have anymore. Thats okay, I have a daughter and a son, I am truly blessed.