Monday, January 5, 2009

About Me

This is me at my start weight of 199lbs.

Well...where to start? This blog is about me and my weight loss journey for 2009.
To begin I will record my measurements. (SCARY)
Weight on Dec. 30/08 196.8lbs
Waist 38 1/4
Hips 43
Bust 39 1/2
Upper Leg 24 1/2 (this only 1 1/2 inches smaller than my waist when I was married in 1998.)
Ankle 9
Neck 14 3/4

I am committing myself to eating 80% raw starting today. There will be days that I am not on track with this and I except this so I will try not to be to hard on myself on these days.

I long for the healthy body I had....not so long ago!

I plan to use this blog to express my struggles, fears, challenges, hopes, successes & accomplishments. I will try to be as honest and straight forward about myself as I know how.

{ I was inspired to do this blog by reading a couple of other ladies blogs that are on the WW boards.}


  1. Hi Welcome to blog world!

    Wow mom of 5, that you have even a minute to write here is amazing. I wish you all the success this year.

    Also what is eating raw? Like raw veggies?

  2. Sarah:
    For me eating raw means I will only eat fruit, vegetables,beans, nuts, seeds and whole grains.

    I am avoiding all processed foods, meat, dairy and eggs.

    Thanks for checking out the blog!