Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Here is the sweater I got myself for my 1st 10lb loss. My husband actually picked it out, I wouldn't have choose the colour but he liked it and I trust his 'taste'.

I posted this picture on request and it has been good for me because I hate getting my picture taken. So I had to look at some self esteem issues. I don't like how I look (rolls & rolls) and as long as there isn't pictures then I can avoid reality! NOT! I am sure someone out there can relate with me.

Anyway here is the picture.

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  1. You look great!!! I especially like the color and the zipper style and the black underneath. Very attractive!

    I can so relate to your "denial". I used to be like that - they one taking the pics. I'm loosening up now though and glad you are too!

    Thanks for obliging the request for a photo in your reward sweater.