Saturday, January 17, 2009

Food Addiction

Today I am struggling with the fact that I need to admit I have a food addiction. I hate to admit that something has control over me but it is true!

All my life I have struggled with a weight issue. From being the fat girl in grade school, thinning out in grade 9/10 and then packing it on again. The doctors said it was a hormonal imbalance and so off to see a dietician. Lost 60lbs until my first year of college where I regained the 60 plus 15 more. With my life turned over to Jesus in 1994 I lost 80lbs and felt free!

Beginning in 1999 I had 2 healthy babies in 3 years and was able to lose all my pregnancy weight quickly. Then disappointment came in the form of 3 miscarriages in a matter of 18 months and with the disappointment 20lbs for each pregnancy loss. I then had 3 more healthy babies but have not lost any of the weight I had gained before they came into my life.

So here I sit today at a little over 190lbs.
On my wedding day in 1998 I was 118lbs. Oh, to be there again!

I must work through this issue once and for all! My mind is consumed with negative thoughts about myself and I feel defeated. My husband is a great support but he can't fight this battle for me! Sigh

I am a conqueror in Christ Jesus!

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  1. You will do this, having days like today is normal and sometimes needed to get us back to kicking butt again.

    3 miscarriages in 18mths is alot to handle. ((hug))