Monday, March 4, 2013

Day 7 & 8

Sunday was a repeat of Saturday, I spent the entire day at the arena again. I took some snacks but ate lunch out at a restaurant. I ordered a garden salad with a grilled chicken breast and ranch dressing, no croutons or cheese. It was yummy and satisfying. I did splurge and have a hot chocolate in the afternoon.

Last night I decided to do my measurements since I have not done them since December 31/12.
I was amazed at the changes, overall I was down 11.75 inches!

              December 31st      March 3rd
Neck~          15                        14.5        -.5
Upper Arm~ 14.5                     14           -.5
Bust~            47                        45           -2
Rib Cage~     39.25                   38.75      -.5
Waist~          41.5                     37           -4.5
Hips~            44.5                     42           -2.5
Upper Leg~   23.5                    22.25       -1.25

Today I struggled a bit with finding enough food to eat because my supplies are down and I will not be able to get some for a few days but I made it through.

My Food for Today

  • Quiona with coconut, almond milk, flax/chia seed combo and blueberries
  • Whole can of chick peas roasted with coconut oil and spices
  • Apple with peanut butter
  • Raw vegetables with hummus
  • Mary Crackers with peanut butter and banana
Exercise was a 40 minute walk outside, I loved the cold sunny weather. So refreshing!!

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  1. Just catching up and loving your posts! Great job getting back on track! I knew you could do it. :)

    I also love walks/jogs in cold sunny weather. :)