Friday, July 15, 2011

Summer Weight Shedding Challenge

Today is the beginning of the Summer Weight Shedding Challenge that is being hosted on The Homeschool Lounge.

For this challenge we will weigh in on Friday mornings until October 7th, which is 12 weeks!

My weight this morning was 163lbs and my goal is to lose 1-2 pounds per week...hopefully closer to the 139 mark.

I also did my measurements today....Bust 43.5, rib cage 37, waist 36 and hips 39.
Those numbers spoke loudly to me about being an apple shape and I know so well the dangers associated with being an apple shape. I lost both my Grandmother and Dad to heart attacks when they were only in their early 5o's.

My focus has been on track for the last week and a bit, except for yesterday when I did the "oh, my I am going to eat lots today because starting tomorrow I will not be allowing myself the treats!" attitude and ate a whole, yes a whole bag of chips, bagel with strawberry cream cheese and banana bread with Nutella. YUCK! and I felt it all night long.

My goals for the next 12 weeks are............
  • Exercise at least 3 times per week.
  • No snacking after supper.
  • Journal my food intake for the first 3 weeks to make sure my calories are on track.
  • Eat clean, whole foods 100% of the time. (That will be 84 days of no treats!)
I have went 100 days before with no treats and felt so good while doing that. This is what made me want to add this goal to my list.

I am ready for this challenge.


  1. What a great ending goal!

    October 7 is a our ten year anniversary. Count me in!

  2. I can't believe Oct 7 is only 12 weeks away. How depressing!

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my FB wall the other day. I am trying to get out of this place I'm in. I need a really good week like you had and shed 10 lbs so I start feeling better. Once I start feeling better, I will be more motivated.

    Thanks for motivating me.

  3. Good luck on your journey! You'll rock it. Also, if you find eating after dinner happens a lot our rule is only fruit with yogurt or veggies after dinner, and warm tea helps keep you full too. Can't wait to read all about your success.

  4. Good luck on your challenge! I'm inspired to see you keeping on with your healthiness journey. :)