Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Time just keeps on slipping away on me!

I think of things I am going to share here with you but then by the time I get a chance to sit down and write, everything I have thought of is either old news or I can't think of what it was I was going to share.

Things are going well with eating and exercise though!

On this Sunday past I went on a dinner date with my husband and it was lovely. We went out to a restaurant not far from where we live. On the way to dinner my thoughts were on the idea of breaking my Dessert Fast at Day 98 which was that day or going to 100 Days. I decided to break it at 98 days because I knew we didn't have someone to watch the children on Tuesday anymore so it would mean that my Ice Cream date would be postponed. After a lovely meal I ordered a piece of Mad About Chocolate Cheese and a coffee, it was truly enjoyable and a wonderful way to end a fast.

Since that day I have felt a freedom in my soul that I have never felt before! It is not something I can explain but the feeling is so great! Like I am free to be NORMAL with desserts now...I believe that is it! Normal people are not consumed by when, where and how to get their sweet fix, they just enjoy one when it comes along. I hope that makes sense to you!?

I didn't weigh in on Sunday because that is a part of my Bootcamp Challenge but this Sunday I will be and I am hoping for a nice number.

I ordered a new DVD today....Jillian Michael's No More Trouble Zones. I am hoping this DVD will target my core because this is the area that still needs work.

Sorry I have been so inconsistent with my entries here and I hope that some of you are still checking in on me. I have been reading all about you and commenting when I can. Blessings to you all!


  1. WOW!
    can you lose my 15 for me pls???
    plan to come down to the public beach, fri june 25, 6 pm... free icecream, cupcakes, we are celebrating our church's 175th anniversary, a bagpiper, drummer and big big canoe are going to be there.

  2. I think you're looking amazing, and I love the to in the latest photo. Congrats on enjoying your dessert for the first time in a long time. I go through stages with food where I want it all the time for a week and then not anymore. Caesar salad was my latest one but I think mini-muffins are taking over now. And don't worry we are still here reading and getting excited about how you're doing. So keep up the great work and God bless your family too.

  3. I love that you are experiencing feeling free and normal - I think that is the key to maintaining. I'm so happy for you Christine!

  4. Christine - I do that all the time with thinking of things to write and then forgetting what I was going to say or waiting too long and then it is old news. I think it is related to the seven children we have! :) Great job with eating like a normal person!

  5. How wonderful to be feeling free and normal. Good for you!

    Don't worry about posting often, we just check in when we can and look forward to hearing things when you write. No pressures. :)