Saturday, June 12, 2010

A New Challenge

I am still here and going strong!

Last weekend away with my Mom and the baby was a great quiet time. I sat around reading while the baby slept and went out for a run another time while she was sleeping. We went and did some shopping and then I pushed the stroller through some pretty hilly terrain for a nice hike. It was certainly a time of relaxation, the cottage was right on the water and it was so peaceful to drink my morning coffee as the sun rose over the lake.

On Monday I met up with the ladies that I have been losing weight with...I was declared the winner of the present challenge with a 20% body weight loss over the last 23 weeks. I must tell you it is so incredible to see the changes in all of the ladies. In total we lost a combine weight of over 160lbs!!!! and that is just 6 of us.

We are changing things up a bit for this next round and we are doing a Bootcamp kind of thing...where we each pick a target outfit, take before photos and measurements then work our butts off for the next 4 weeks with the aim of dropping 10 pounds and/or being able to wear the target outfit more easily. We are not weighing weekly for this challenge, just at the half way point and then at the four week point.

So this week I started to incorporate more weight training and longer workouts at a higher intensity! I feel great physically! I look forward to this challenge to really tone myself up!

This is my target outfit. The dress is suppose to do up in the back so I have a fair bit of work to get this on nicely! I hope to wear it on a dinner date with my hubby before the summer is out.


  1. You are doing great!! You will zip that dress up in no time :)

  2. Cool idea! I love it. I may just take a picture of myself in my goal pants...although it may look a bit vulgar! :) I've missed you. I'm glad you're back at writing.

    Oh, and my e-mail is as I'd like to learn how you changed things up and got a great loss that week.