Sunday, June 20, 2010

Bootcamp Update

Today marks the halfway point in my Bootcamp Challenge.

I was only down 2 pounds for the last two weeks. I was definitely hoping for a better number than this but I am still happy with it.

Along with weight for Bootcamp we did our beginning measurements also. This was where I really seen a change. I lost a total of 4.25"from my just two weeks!!! From my bust 1.5', waist .75", hips .75", upper leg .5", ankle .25", upper arm .5" my neck and lower leg stayed the same.

I plan to continue with what I have been doing the last two weeks with both eating and exercise which is alot of 5km walks, a couple of 3.2km runs each week, strength training at least 3 days a week and eating real foods. I don't know if I will get to the 10 pound weight loss that we are all aiming for this month but that is okay because I am feeling strong and healthy and my clothes are feeling looser. That to me is more than the number on the scale. Wow, I couldn't say that a few months ago.

Last night we hosted a BBQ at our home. Again I was able to feel NORMAL with my eating habits... Before the company arrived I had 2 plums and a yogurt so I would not be so hungry because I had been busy all day and I had not eaten alot for breakfast and lunch.
When everyone arrived I ate a small serving of chips before supper, then I enjoyed a chicken burger on a whole wheat bun, a small serving of potatoe salad and macaroni salad (like 2 tbsp. of each) and then filled my plate with raw vegetables. I then had a tea and a normal serving of apple crisp and ice cream. In the past I would have made a pig of myself with the before supper chips, eat lots of the creamy salads with supper and then had an additional large serving of apple crisp and ice cream after everyone left. I am so thankful for this normal eating victory!

I will leave you all with a couple of pictures taken last weekend!


  1. Awesome job eating normally! I'm so happy for you that you are discovering how eat healthily, while enjoying all kinds of foods, even chips! Ah, freedom.... Awesome job on the 2 pounds too!

  2. What a lovely photo of you with all your family!!!

    Glad you had a great BBQ and were able to practice moderation with the food. Well done!!!