Sunday, March 29, 2009

Weekend Events

This weekend has been very busy and tiring!

I spent the day yesterday at the arena with my two oldest girls for a figure skating competition. They have been skating for 4 years and they just love it.

More then the sport itself they love their coach. She is the greatest!

Yesterday my youngest had a mental block during her warm up and could not remember her solo. Her face was white and I could tell from where I was sitting that she was crying....I wanted to run over and take her in my arms to make the world go away for her. I have never seen her like this.

I didn't go to her because I knew that I wouldn't be of any help but her coach did. This wonderful woman took my daughter into the hall, pulled her onto her lap and hugged her. She mentally was able to get her to visualize the solo. Thankfully my daughter was scheduled sixth to skate and by the time it was her turn she was able to go out on the ice and she skated so beautiful that she came home with a bronze place medal. (this is her first season in the level she skated yesterday) I was a proud momma!

My eldest daughter also skated amazing and placed sixth in her solo and third in her elements.

We had an amazing mother and daughter day together!

This was a sad day also though because it is the last time the girls will skate under the direction of this coach, she is leaving coaching to be a full time mom. Tears were shed and hugs were given!

One final note....we found out yesterday that I am expecting! YEAH!!!!!


  1. WOW, congrats to your girls, and congrats to you too on your soon to be new addition

  2. Congratulations to you and cheers to your girls. It's great when they find something they love to do.