Thursday, March 19, 2009

I can smell it...

Spring that is!
I am really enjoying this spring weather.....the sun is shining in the front window to warm up the whole room. My little ones have spent so much time outside the last few days. Along with them going outside they have brought in a lot of mud and anyone who knows me knows that I hate a mess. Last night you would have seen me in the "mud room" sweeping and washing the floors, riding the area of winter pants and boots and even washing the walls all to have a mess the first time the doors opens and the children head outside again. OH well....I remind myself that in a few years from now I will be missing these days!

With the beautiful weather I have been spring cleaning the house; all the normal stuff....washing windows, wiping down walls, getting rid of cob webs and putting away the heavy blankets and going through clothes (lots and lots of clothes). We have another box of clothes to give to the church for their rummage sale in May.

I have got out for a walk 3 nights this week so far! Hooray for me...this is the most exercise all winter.

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  1. Time goes fast. I think of that too when I start to get annoyed about something, that someday I will miss it. :)