Saturday, November 16, 2013


This past year I have only managed to lose just over 20 pounds and need to lose at least 35 more to be in a healthy weight range. I have 'played' around with different eating styles this year but nothing has felt right which has been part of my battle with finding a groove...not making any excuses though!

I am recommitting to eating clean and tracking my calories on MyFitnessPal. Since I am still nursing a little one so I am allowing myself  1900 calories daily.
The reason I have only lost what I have is because of lack of commitment and determination on my part and this can not continue...

It is time to get it DONE!
I would like to see the scale drop 2lbs per week putting me 12-14 lbs lighter by the New Year. 
That will put me at 165 or less. I could handle that # going into 2014!
In March 2014 will be my 41st birthday so it would be awesome to be at my goal weight then which is totally doable. 
Getting healthy at 40!!! Oh, yes!!!

I will also be journaling my food here daily for accountability or at least posting a link to my journal on MyFitnessPal. 

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  1. Those are very attainable goals. However, "JUST LOST 20 lbs"?? You didn't just lose the weight, friend, you LOST the weight. :) There are plenty of moms who don't even try to get healthy after having a baby, much less after multiple children, and you are doing awesome. I look forward to seeing you reach your goals!!