Monday, September 17, 2012

The Little Steps

I am going to do this, I have such a new outlook on this whole journey!

Last week was a very emotional and trying time for me.
Not only was in only the second week into our new homeschooling year and I was trying to still set up a good working routine but on Monday afternoon my husband got called to a family crisis. His 85 year old aunt committed suicide and so I was left with all 7 of the children for the entire week...this would not be so bad if I still was not getting up at least 2 but usually  3 times a night to nurse the littlest one. 

By Thursday I felt like I was in a fog and could not cope very well so I turned to food, consuming so many unhealthy foods that I felt just sick!

Saturday I still was not coping well but by Sunday morning I was feeling on top of it all.
Today has been awesome and I am focusing on good choices instead of perfection!
So most of my food was clean, whole foods and I got a 40 minute walk in this evening.

I see the light!!!


  1. Oh my ... the aunt. I'm so sorry.

    My husband is out of town and just yesterday I found myself thinking, "Food will not make it better." I kind of surprised myself, but realized it's true.

    Unfortunately, I tend to think it's a time to let it all go...but I know I can't think like that.

    I'm glad you're seeing the light. :) It's so good to "hear" from you again. :)

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  3. I accidentally commented the same thing twice...oops. :P