Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Mid-Week Check In

Today was a typical crazy day in my home!

Up at 7, coffee with hubby, put quinoa on for breakfast, get children sitting down for breakfast, feed children, feed myself, clean up kitchen, school, lunch prep, feed children/self, clean up kitchen, finish school, read/coffee, prepare supper, feed us all, clean up kitchen, computer time, family time and then down time. Throw in there nurse baby, change diapers, do get the idea!

My eating was great today, here is what I ate;
Quinoa, pecans & raisins
Apple & Almonds
Whole Wheat Tortilla with Hummus and raw vegetables
Coffee & Apple Larabar
Taco Salad
(lettuce, red pepper, onions, chick peas with seasoning, sour cream and salsa)
Will be a pear while I watch Survivor tonight.

I am feeling great physically and mentally!
I resisted weighing myself until Saturday, I really do not want to focus on the scales number but rather on the fact that I am making good decisions and those choices will create the body I want.

1 comment:

  1. Amen to focusing on good choices and not the scale! And on how you FEEL, good choices make you feel good and in more control of your life (at least it does me). Way to go Christine!! :)

    And drat! I knew I missed something last night... SURVIVOR!!

    Take care!