Monday, September 24, 2012


This weekend was a little tough to stay completely on track but I did do okay!
Eating was so, so but my attitude stayed on track...what do I mean by this? I did eat somethings that I could not eat daily and still lose weight in order to regain a healthy body but my mind/thoughts did not consume me in a negative and condemning way. So I call that a victory! More than half of my battle is in my thoughts.

I am one who does well with competition and rewards so I have come up with a little personal goal/reward thingy.
I will be 40 in March!
To be exact it is 165 days away...oh, how I can picture my self a trim, healthy forty year old mother.
So for each day between now and then to help me stay focused  I will put a dollar in a jar if I follow my rules! The rules are simple and totally attainable. Here they are.....

Rules to Earn a Dollar Each Day
1. Eat whole foods.
2. No added sugar.
3. Stay within 1800-2100 calories per day.

These are things I can control in my journey! and what I can control I need to.

{No time to proof read so I hope this makes sense.}

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  1. Hello There! I hope you are doing well. I was thinking of you earlier this month. Didn't you have Thanksgiving up there in Canada? :)

    I hope fall is going well with your family and the new little one. Take care!