Sunday, August 28, 2011

Staying Positive

In the recent months I have had a very negative focus about myself.
I fed the little evil thought life so well and now I am determined to starve it out and instead fill my thoughts and mind with positive food!

The 'food' I am consuming lately is scripture, inspiring blogs and positive self affirmation!

The battle can be so strong some days, that negative place became very strong. Some days or times of the day, it can still be overwhelming but I am so glad to God and for my husband..between the two of them they have kept me a float more than once this weekend!

I must go now but want to leave you with a powerful quote form Made to Crave....

Whether we're on the path toward victory or defeat is determined by the very next choice we make. Not the choices from yesterday. Not the choices five minutes ago. The next choice. Our very next choice. May it be that of an overcomer.
by Lysa Terkeurst

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