Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Following the Lead

What's up with Blogger??
Some how my background and things were all messed up! Oh, well I like to change the look from time to time anyway.

The new blog depicts how I am feeling about living life and feeling healthy!
Alive, free and full of hope!!!

A rainbow represents a promise from God.
He has promised me that He will always be with me and hold me up...be my strength when I think I can't do this anymore.
God has been speaking to my heart about so many things regarding my eating habits, body weight and the tendency to revert back to over eating.
Heart issues have been revealed to me but there is just no way to describe it to anyone because I am still trying to process it all.

The one thing that I can share and that I know and understand is that freedom is a choice...daily, hourly I have to choose to walk in the freedom from addiction or I can allow myself to be controlled by my impulses, lusts and the father of lies.
My freedom has been given to me, I received it years ago!

"Victory is possible, not by figuring out how to make this an easy process, but by choosing~ over and over again~ the absolute power available through God's truth." By Lysa Terkeurst

I am just finishing reading 'Made to Crave' by Lysa Terkeurst.
This is an awesome book, I have learned a lot from it.

Until next time, some of the freedom choices I have made since my last post;
  • To eat healthy, clean foods for many days in a row.
  • To move my body on a regular basis again.
  • To offer my day to the Lord and allow Him to minister to me.
  • To test my thoughts about myself and believe the ones that bring life and speaks truth.
  • Take a Pro-biotic, Digestive Enzyme and daily vitamin.
  • Read God's word and allow it to change me.


  1. I love your list. I have copied it for myself to follow. I'm so glad that we are both in a better place!

  2. oh Christine!
    I can feel the shift here so loud and clear
    your list is amazing
    you are amazing
    you will ....you are succeeding!

    love and light

  3. Wonderful!

    I love the new blog background, especially when it holds so much meaning for you.

    As I commented on Dawne's blog this morning...it's so good to read posts that reflect Christ in them for He truly is the one who gives the ultimate victory.

    I like your list as well.

    You are both so inspiring.