Thursday, August 25, 2011

Facing Facts

I am so glad that my mental space is in a good place right now because if it had not been than this morning would have been devastating to me.
Praise God for His focus!

I have thought that I needed to do my 'new before' measurements and weight and put it out there for the 'world' to see.

Here is my starting place.......August 25th, 2011

Weight 170lbs
Waist 37.75
Hips 40.5
Rib Cage 37
Bust 44.5
Upper Leg Left 23.5 Right 23.25
Upper Arm Left 13.75 Right 13.5

I am totally good with these measurements and weight even though all are much higher than where I was at.
It is actually a relief to have written these down as a starting point as of today!
No secrets!!!

My eating has been right on and I know the scale will go down steadily as I continue to focus on good, life giving choices regarding food.

More important to me right now is not the number on the scale or the size of my clothes (although seeing a smaller number will be great) but having my focus on the right things.

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  1. Your measurements are great. I know how you feel about having to share it all to make it real and help keep you focused. Soon you'll have your normal routine back when your kids are back to their studies and then you can have a bit of focus on you time built in. Good luck on your new journey. You're going to rock it.