Tuesday, October 14, 2014

I Need Simplicity

I am a busy woman! I do not have time to make special meals for myself or make fancy recipes for the family.
That is why I love clean eating; no special ingredients, no separate meals.
I feel in love with clean eating 5 years ago and I am not exactly sure how or why I left this comfortable place but it does feel good to be back at it!

How is this for easy...
Monday Meals
Breakfast~ Overnight Oats with Raspberries
Lunch~ Havarti Cheese, grapes, walnuts, apricots and cucumber
Supper~ Turkey Barley soup, homemade biscuit and Apple Crisp topped with Greek yogurt and Maple syrup
Evening Snack~ More of the Apple Crisp

Tuesday Meals
Breakfast~ Steel cut oats with pecans and almond milk and half an apple.
Lunch~ Tea Biscuits
Supper~ Turkey breast, cooked carrots and stuffing. Some more apple crisp.
Snack~ Popcorn

Today's meals were not perfect but it was progress and it was sugar free and in control.

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