Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Doing It

I made it home....we had to cut the vacation short because of sick children which led to little to no sleep for Mommy and in turn made for a grumpy Mommy.

Before leaving on Saturday I weighed in and had a loss of 1.8lbs for the week, putting me at 170lbs.

I had a moment yesterday after getting home with the six children!

I good moment....I had time to reflect on my time away and this is what conclusion I came to. I am doing it!!! My life is changing and the old me is fading away. Not just the weight but the mind sets too.

While on vacation I ate well and my thoughts were not consumed by "What am I going to eat next!". When we were planning to eat out for lunch I packed one for myself and eat that, for two suppers we ordered in and I made low fat and healthy choices with them. On Sunday we had a family much food was around all day long. The kind of snacky foods; cheese, crackers, chips and kolbassa. I resisted that all and saved myself for a healthy supper. We all brought something and I volunteered to bring a fruit tray, veggie tray and a watermelon. I also brought Compliments Lean Chicken Burgers to BBQ because the plan was Hot Dog and Sausages which my one daughter is allergic to so it gave me a good excuse to bring a better option and I got to enjoy one also. So for supper I had a chicken burger on a thin bun and loaded my plate with fruit and vegetables. I also skipped the birthday cake that was served for dessert. I felt such victory walking away from that day not over indulging AT ALL.

I was not able to get a run in while away which was disappointing but I was active each day with walking so I am glad about that.

I can feel the change in my thought process and I got to shop for a new body too. I mentioned that I was going jean shopping and I did. OH MY GOODNESS!!!! I bought size 10 jeans and they feel and look amazing. I have the muffin top but purposely bought them that little bit snug becasue I still have 15 lbs to go and when it is gone.. so will the muffin top be. Here they are...


  1. Hmmm...I am not sure why I am gone from your follower list. You're one of my favs to read!! By the way, great job on passing on the dang cake. Now that is WILLPOWER!!!!

  2. When I hit follow, my only option was to stop following. I should still be there!

  3. WOW!!! You look fabulous, Christine! All your hard work paid off! Tssssssssssssss!!! You're sizzlin' hawwwwt! xo

  4. Forgot to mention that I've got a blog award for you on my blog:

  5. Christine, you are sizzling in those jeans sister!!

    It sounds like you made some awesome choices and I believe you are right - if the mind is changing, being renewed, then this is for LIFE!!!!!

  6. You look amazing !!!!
    way to go on the loss and I hope the kiddos are all well soon! I can't imagine 6 sick kids...

  7. You're rawkin' it! Thanks for the inspiration :)

  8. Congrats on coming so far! You're looking fabulous!

  9. Catching up here....that's wonderful to hear how your new you is becoming your new normal. :)