Monday, January 4, 2010

Group Motivation

Last night the group of women that I am linked up with on this weight loss journey met for the first time to establish what, how and why we are all doing this.

We decided to have a 'Biggest Loser Reward' at the end of a 21 week competition that will go like this. We are all contributing $6.00 to a pot, we each come up with what our own personal reward would be that is approximately $36.00 and the person with the highest percentage of weight loss on the first weigh-in in June will receive the pot money to buy their reward. Also in the pot money will be any money that we had to pay for being up in weight. One dollar for each pound if a person gains.

I am excited to be a part of this group. I think we are all going to do well because we are motivated to keep each other going in the tough times and to share the joy in the journey.

We also partnered up with one person in the group that we are personally responsible/accountable to. So I think I will be calling on her to get together for some workouts because this is a hard one for me to make sure I take the time to do.

I am off now to do the Walk away the Pounds 3 mile walk with my 9 year old.


  1. Wow! This is a great idea! I may have to steal this & use it with some friends or my hubby... Great way to stay motivated :)

  2. My parents used to be in a group they called 'fat club'. Every year from January through Easter they'd all try to lose weight. They'd all ante into the kitty and whoever did the best won the pot.

  3. It's kind of like having your own little Weight Watchers meeting!

    I'm doing the same thing with a few women from my office. We're all doing our own thing, but need the motivation!

    Best of luck to you. I have a ton of healthy recipes on my site.