Saturday, March 22, 2014

Clean Eating Day One

I am so surprised at how much of a brain switch it is to go back to Clean Eating!
I need to reread my book 'The Eat Clean Diet Recharged!' book to get things all straight again.

Today's Meals were;
Meal #1 (9:30am)
Overnight Oats and Strawberries
Meal #2 (12 noon)
Ezekiel Bread with Natural Selections Turkey Breast, onions, lettuce and mustard & 2 pickles
Meal #3 (3pm)
Cashew Larabar and apple
Meal #4 (6 pm)
Baked Sweet Potatoe topped with cinnamon & coconut oil plus a smoothie made with ice, almond milk, cottage cheese and whey protein powder

Normally I would have a minimum of 5 meals and some days 6 meals with Clean Eating but I had a later start to the day so 4 meals today it is.

As far as weighing in goes I am going to stick to only weighing and posting on the 26th of each month. I want to rely more on my clothes and trusting the process than on a number on the scale that can be influenced by so many different things. I have been enslaved to the scale for so many years that sticking to this may be tough at times but I am going to try to make this goal.

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  1. I'm with you on the scale Christine! I too only weigh officially and post on the 7th of every month. I like tracking that way so better than what I did in the past. I misplaced my Eat Clean Diet book...going to ask a friend if she has it later. And...what crazy THM expired on Kindle. So, I'm guessing here! :)