Monday, July 29, 2013

What Will it Take?

I often ask myself this question! 
What will it take for me to get serious about living healthy and sticking with it for more than a few days in a row?!?

I weighed myself this has been a while since I did and I have NOT been eating healthy for the majority of the time. 
SCARY, 179.6lbs!!! 
That is a gain of 7.6lbs. YUCK!

So I could tell you all the reasons why I have not stuck with living healthy but the truth is none of them are any good. 
There are SO many reason why I need to get healthy and continue living a healthy to move on from the wanting to make it click and to DOING it!!!


  1. I so hear you my friend! Hang in there and maybe pick just one thing you can change, then work on from there. So glad you came and posted. :)

  2. Finding the motivation and drive is always key, isn't it? It think that is the on going battle. But we are a work in progress, and for me, it's why I need help from Above always. Getting the desire to do all I want to do, and to feel how I want to feel, so I can serve how I want to serve... helps kick me in gear! You got this girl!! :)


  3. I get it. I live it. Lord, please change it. I'm right there with ya Christine, only my numbers are uglier!