Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Weekend Report

Wow, Tuesday already!

I enjoyed this long weekend so much.

Friday morning was spent preparing for Sabbath by getting food prepared and cleaning done.
The afternoon we went to a friends maple sugar shack to learn the process of making syrup.
To get to the shack we had to walk in about 30 minutes which was a beautiful walk through the bush, there was a lot of little streams that the children played in and lots of MUD! The sun was shining, no wind and just a beautiful day all round. Everyone enjoyed the sweet taste of the sap boiling down and then had hot dogs over the fire. I took myself some water, strawberries and almonds therefore avoided the other food. Yeah, me!

Saturday was a wonderful day of relaxing and enjoying the family.
I wanted to get in a walk...I usually do not like to exercise with the children but this day my three year old wanted to go for a walk with me so I obliged and I am SO glad that I did. Even though I would not consider the walk to have been for any health benefit it was so much more than that. I probably can not describe in words the way this walk blessed my heart.
To put it simply, Amanda discovered shadows!
It was amazing to see, hear and be a part of all the learning that took place in the short amount of time with her. I will be forever changed by this day of discovery!

Sunday, I  spent the day sorting clothes and spring cleaning.
I was able to pack away some maternity clothes that I have still been wearing because I did not have anything else that fit. Plus I gave away a pair of jeans and a few shirts that are now TOO big. Such a great feeling!
My husband began commenting this weekend that I am getting skinny and that he can really tell that I have lost weight now. What a sweet man I have!
I did not want to exercise  because I was so tired but once the children were in bed I did the 40 minute Turbo Sculpt dvd...WOW! I have never done this one and it was great! My new favorite for strength training.

Monday was more cleaning in the morning and then out for a 5km run. I would guess that I ran for 2/3 of the distance. It felt great but I was sore afterwards.

Has anyone ever experienced flu like symptoms the day after an intense workout? I had that on Monday and I am wondering if it is from the Turbo Sculpt workout!?

Eating all weekend was great with the exception of a few sweet indulgences on Saturday night at my mom's house for dinner. Nothing that made me feel terrible which would have been what happened in the past because once I ate one thing I would not have stopped. This time though I allowed for a treat and then stopped. I had purposefully ate light all day Saturday to allow for the heavier supper.

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  1. You're doing GREAT!!! Sometimes I feel yucky the day after a race, this workout DVD could have been the same intensity for you. If you never fully 'came down' with something, I would say that's probably what it is. I've been taking Apple Cider Vinegar almost every day during my training and so far-no sickness! (thank you Jesus!)