Friday, February 11, 2011

This Week

The flu bug hit our house last Friday and has slowly made its way through all the children and myself!
My eldest daughter is today just feeling better, so it has been a quiet but messy seven days around here.
Last year we managed to not get any flu in the house so we were do for something to hit and to hit hard like it did!

I think it has been since I was pregnant with my oldest son (who is 7) that I have been as sick as I was this week! It was yucky!!!

Enough about that though!!!

My husband left yesterday to go to Southern Ontario to celebrate his Dad's 80th Birthday with the family!!!! WOW!!! 80 years, that is incredible!!!

For those that have known me for very long know that I tend to struggle with eating healthy while he is away but not this time, I feel focused and determined!

It helps that the scale is still moving in the downward direction so my motivation is to see it continue, my little peak yesterday at the scale has me down another pound so far this week.

It is much harder to stay focused when no matter what you do the scale stays the same so this scale movement is GREAT timing!

Yesterday I spent the entire day cleaning...DEEP cleaning! Washing floors, walls, corners, windows, getting rid of dust and webs, then dusting built in cabinets and organizing shelves.
It started out that I was just going to clean out the germ infested areas!!! Like the bathroom and commonly touch surfaces but because my husband is gone I had the opportunity to do it good!
Today I will hit the second level, mop and pail in hand!!!

A clean house makes me happy!
I consider my house clean...mind you it was always cleaner before I became a Mom but some the jobs I did yesterday are more of the kind that get done only a couple of times a year so this feels awesome!


  1. I also love a clean house...not that I want to do the cleaning everyday...but someone has to do it...and it burns calories.

    Great that the scale is moving down...I will see when I weigh in the First March what my scale says as I have FEAR of the scale at the moment...

    Get better soon...I was ill two weeks ago while my hubby was in France....
    80 is a wonderful age.....Happy birthday to your Father in law.

  2. I also did some deep clutter cleaning yesterday - the pantry and pile in my bedroom were conquered. It is an awesome feeling! :)

    I'm sorry you were all so sick, but glad you're sounding better. Makes one grateful for their health to go through something like that.

    Have fun cleaning today! :)

  3. It's aweful when the whole family gets sick. I'm glad you all are on the mend. I had to laugh when I read about your cleaning...that's the first thing I always do when I get well again too. A clean house is definately enough to make me feel better.

    Congrats on another pound!!!

  4. Wow... you are so good to deep clean! And eating healthy while the hubs is gone is in the bag!! You are doing so great! :)


  5. Im glad everyone is on the mend.
    can you come clean my house lol with a toddler and two dogs its never ending.

  6. there is nothing quite like a clean tidy house!
    Have a great weekend Christine
    Stay focused, i know you can do it!!!

    love and light

  7. Hi Christine,

    We *just* got over the flu also(and WOW was it a doozy~7 kids, all with fever that wouldn't leave~ugh~).

    I've been deep cleaning also, and trying to kill all the germies around here waiting to get me sick (praise God, I didn't catch it!).

    Thank you for the comments and following me. I'm such a boring person, I'm always suprised when someone follows me without being forced, lol.

    I can't get over how much younger you look in the latest picture. Amazing! You lost weight and years!


  8. A happy house makes me happy too! I find that the state of my house is a reflection of my state of mind. If my house is in disarray and is cluttered, so is my head! Know what I mean? :(

    See you at Zumba on Thursday? XOXOX