Thursday, August 12, 2010

Rummage Sale

Four times a year a church in our community holds a Rummage Sale.
Oh, how I love second hand clothes!

I came away with 4 t-shirts, 2 blouses, 1 Capri, 2 skirts, and 3 shorts all for $7.00.
The bottoms were size 10 & 12, the shirts were mediums and larges.

I also was able to buy a few bibs that were not stained like all of mine are, about 10 books for the children, a pair of shoes for one of my girls and a duffle bag..... all for another $4.50.

I love, love, love a bargain!


  1. Great deals! What fun shopping!
    Thanks for nice comment today!

    God is moving and helping me. I'm so grateful to have Him along in this journey as well as people like you to bless me with encouragement and wisdom.

  2. I love a bargain too!! Man...I wish I could have gone to that rummage sale. What great deals!!!