Tuesday, February 10, 2009


The whole family has been eating all natural, preservative and additive free for 9 days and some how I was up 0.4lbs today.
I admit that I wasn't tracking my points this week....that was obviously a mistake and I resumed today using the WW tools that I paid for back in December. I know in myself that .4 really isn't a big deal but I had hoped for a loss.
I am going away this weekend and staying with family so I know the food choices will not be the greatest plus we will be on the road eating in fast food places for a few meals. Two birthdays to celebrate this weekend.....birthday cake. My plan is to bring alot of fruits & vegetables plus bottles of water from home because my in laws do not have these things in their house so at least I know I will have healthy choices in the house.

My goals for the next 4 days are:
1)Drink 2.5L of water
2)Track all my food
3)Not to use any of my flex points
4)2 days of 30 minutes of exercise

While I am away I plan to:
1) Drink 2.5L water
2) Eat my 5 Fruits & Vegetables

My goal is to at least stay the same this week if not record a loss.


  1. your week ahead looks like mine last week - my advice is to keep to your goal of tracking!!
    You can do it - and good job on the all natural foods at home -that is so great for your family.

  2. Its a bummer but you are eating healthy, I agree with Jen with journalling, its the only thing that works for me. Keep at it and have a great weekend.

  3. No, it's not much of a gain. Keep going. A loss will show up.

    I take my own food on vacations and go shopping when I get to the destinaton so that I can stay on track most of the time.

  4. Great idea to bring food with you. Sounds like you have a good plan. Good-luck and most of all, enjoy yourself:)