Monday, February 2, 2009

Baking Bread

Today I am making bread! No more store bought bread in our house!
Whole wheat bread, white bread and hopefully some other recipe with Red River Cereal in it if I have time left.

I need to get some loaf pans so I can make smaller loafs like a friend had told me she does because right now I only use the bread maker and that is a huge loaf. Everyone loves it though so we eat a loaf a day.
This bread may be one of the foods that I will have to monitor my intake of. Most of the other stuff we are eating will not hinder my weight loss.

Another exciting day at our house, the children and husband are trying foods they have never had. So far everyone is doing great!


  1. There is NOTHING like homemade bread - yummmmmm!
    Not to mention how great it smells - so welcoming to walk into a home and smell freshly baked bread! And so much healthier for your family.

    By the way, I am in Whitby (east of Toronto).

  2. Good for you! Incidentally, I have had to pretty much quit baking bread because I can nearly polish off a loaf by myself...not so good for the post-baby weight loss - but sooo delicious!!!! I too try to buy food items without all the extra "stuff" and it certainly isn't easy, especially here on THe Rock.